Where to Put LED Lights in Your Room

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Feb 04, 22
Where to Put LED Lights in Your Room

Is your room looking tired and a little dull? Maybe, as much as you’d love a total makeover, the time and money aren’t quite what you want to invest in a complete renovation. Thankfully, there are energy-efficient LED lighting options that transform your surroundings with little work. With an idea in mind and some creative placement, it only takes a few minutes to restyle your room with these fixtures. Read on to discover where to put LED lights in your room to take your home from boring to stunning.

Where to put LED lights in your room

You can transform your space without spending a ton of money, time, or energy with LED lights. From sprucing up your shelves to setting the scene for your next movie marathon, the options are endless. Here are 9 ways you can transform your room into a whole new space without breaking the bank.

Under cabinets or along toe kicks

If you’re someone who likes to read or binge your favorite TV show late into the night, try adding an LED light strip under your cabinets. You can apply your LED strips to cabinets above your kitchen countertop or along the toe kicks below your under-sink cabinets. In both cases, you make it easier to navigate your home in the dark.

Under-cabinet lighting adds a subtle glow that helps you avoid stubbing your toe on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It also lets you grab that last glass of water before getting settled in without turning on your blaring overhead lights. You can choose from a soft yellow hue, a deep red glow, a glistening purple, or – with the right light – quite literally any color you want.

Under shelves

Do you enjoy art or bringing home souvenirs from each trip you take? Accent lighting will help you show off your impressive collection. Adding an LED light source under your shelves is a great start. Transforming your souvenirs into a glowing exhibit is a near instant way to transform this part of your home.

Under the bed

Looking to reinvent your boring old bed to resemble a floating cloud? LED strip lights are the way to go. Simply pull off the adhesive backing, cut the strip to fit the length, then add a connector if needed. And then, stick your light right underneath your bed frame.

Rope lights often come with different brightness levels and color controls, so you can change your space to fit any mood. Choose warm color temperatures for a calming zen space or cool light if you’re trying to stay awake as you read your favorite book.

Behind computer and TV screens

For those late evenings where you can’t seem to get away from work emails, adding LED task lighting can help. With good task lighting, you can zone into, not out of, your work at any time of day. Plus, task lighting provides just enough illumination for focus – not enough to give you a migraine, not so little you get sleepy.

LED strip lights behind screens can set the right mood for any occasion. Set them up behind your computer screen or TV to effortlessly brighten your space. Adjust the color so you can go from day-job mode with a bright white light to more creative colors and gradients.

led tv backlighting in red

Accent your stairs

One significant way to turn your home more modern is to revitalize your staircase. That doesn’t mean adding a big bulky ceiling light that’ll hit your head as you ascend. It means placing strip lights under your stair panels or alongside your wall. If you’re going for a more simplistic, practical look, yellow LED stair accents will do. For a more heavenly vibe, a blue, purple, or pink hue will complete the look.

Around your mirror

To perfect your skincare routine or nail your next TikTok makeup tutorial, you’ll need a bright vanity light. Enter LED light strips that transition your room into a full-on salon. With remote controls at your makeup station, you can change your video’s brightness, effects, and color without leaving the frame. And off video, you can set the scene for your morning scrub, evening mask ritual, or however you transform your face.

On your shelves

Are you looking to add a soft glow to your home that’s perfect for a little late-night reading? Then add LED lights to the big bookshelf in your room. You’ll accessorize your bookshelf and add a little ambiance to the whole space. For example, try adding LED strips directly onto your bookshelf to highlight your impressive collection and get some reading light too. This way, you can read late at night without that bright, irritating ceiling light shining over your head.

Above your closet

You can transform your ordinary closet into a stunning display with a good lighting hack and great organization. Add LED lights around your closet door, beneath your shelves, or inside your dresser’s drawers to create an effortless, luminous glow. This way, you’ll know exactly where to find your top-notch outfit from last year’s Christmas party right when you open your closet.

In picture frames

A fun way to enhance your space is with LED lights near your art and photos. Whether your collection comprises wall art or nightstand memorabilia, it’ll pop more under that classic LED glow. But if you’re adding LEDs to a nightstand, you’re probably looking for something compact – a bulb can take up precious surface area. That’s why LED strip lights are often the best option for your room.

What is the best LED light for your room?

Adding LED lights to any space in your home, whether for creative purposes or so you can get to the bathroom okay at night, is always a plus. It’s even better when your LED lights are compact, colorful strips you can easily add anywhere for an astonishing glow. On that front, the BlissGlow checks every box.

blissglow multicolor led strip lights in living room

The fully customizable BlissGlow can shine in one to 12 colors at once, and it includes four music-sensing modes. You can change the brightness and effects right from the BlissHome app, which you can also use to design your own colorful presets. Plus, you just need to peel the backing and adhere it wherever you please. Transforming your room is really that easy with the BlissGlow.

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