5 Lights for Fun That Every Person Should Have

Looking for ways to make your bedroom less drab, or maybe you want to add that extra touch to a party? If so, look no further. Lighting decorations are a simple yet unique and game-changing way to elevate any room, event, or party. Here are some unique lighting ideas that can turn your home into a fun and entertaining atmosphere. 

Why use lights for fun?

Christmas and Halloween aren’t the only times to break out  lights for fun. Lights are a staple for parties, holiday gatherings, carnivals, theaters, arcades, and so much more. Ambiance can immediately set the stage for the type of environment you are trying to accomplish. They can set emotion and get everyone pumped up for the fun that’s about to occur. There are so many uses for lights that most people don’t even realize. Check out some of these reasons why you should use lights to enhance the room:

Brightens the mood: Create an aesthetically pleasing look that will no doubt make people feel happy and excited. Bright lights have the ability to make people feel warmer and increase positive emotions. Some types of light, such as blue light, can even make you feel more energetic! Have some fun experimenting with different colors to see which one works best for your occasion. Choose colors that will match not only the theme of the room or event, but the tone you’re trying to set too. 

Adds energy to a game room: For a gamer, the atmosphere of an arcade is probably an unbeatable favorite. Bring back that classic arcade game feeling by decking out your home game room with lots of lights. Whether you go for blues and purples to create a futuristic theme, or greens and reds for a more sporty look, the game room will quickly become your favorite place in the house.

Creates the ultimate home movie theater: Grab some popcorn, recline your chair, and turn on your LEDs for that authentic movie theater experience. Shine the lights on the aisles, underneath the chairs, or even on the ceilings – who doesn’t want to watch a movie under the stars? Whether you’re having a family movie night, or a movie marathon with friends, adding special lights will turn your room into a thrilling cinema. 

Livens up your backyard: With nice weather comes the desire to stay outside all day. But what happens when it gets dark? Don’t fret – extend time spent in the fresh air with outdoor lights that give your yard a splash of color while illuminating the yard around you. Project them onto trees around a fire pit, gazebo, or just onto the house. You could even shine them around a pool – night swimming has never been so fun! 

Elevates your party: While planning a party, you probably think about decorations, activities, entertainment, food and drink, and location to ensure your party is exciting and memorable. Why not think about lights too? Adding lights can take your party to a new level. Match the colors to the theme – multiple colors for a 70s disco bash, red and blue for the 4th of July, and green and red for your holiday celebration.

Brings the zen to your yoga room: Go beyond burning incense and playing relaxing music while doing yoga. Projection lights can provide a soft glow to enhance your soothing mindfulness experience. With a calming color like blue, you can unwind and feel the stress melt away. Put on a light show that is fitting for yoga, meditation, or massages.

Types of lights for fun

When thinking about “fun” lights, you’re probably picturing the typical string lights that make their way into dorm rooms everywhere. However, there are many types of lights for you to choose from, all of which will create a special effect for your room. Discover the perfect fit for you:

1) Portable lights

Grab ‘n go with these highly portable fun lights! All you have to do is plug them into a USB and watch as your space is transformed into an enthralling scene. Although these types of lights are small, they bring huge power. Bring them into your office for a change of scenery that evokes excitement, or have your kids take them to slumber parties. Whether you want to display a room full of stars or have Santa appear with his reindeer, you can carry the effects wherever you go!

2) Galaxy lights

Ever dreamed of having your own personal galaxy? Well, now you can with a laser light projector! Blue nebula clouds will drift across your ceiling as stars twinkle. Watch as your children become excited for bedtime knowing they get to stargaze from beneath their covers. Or help friends and family relax after a stressful day at work by shining the lights in your backyard while everyone hangs out by the pool. Galaxy lights are also a wonderful addition to a home movie theater, dance/yoga studio, or party. 

3) LED lights

Can’t decide on just one color? Many LED lights have the ability to change color so you don’t have to choose. Switch the color to match your vibe for the day. Color changing LED lights have a magical feel that generates a feeling of fantasy. These bulbs are great for lighting up dance floors, staircases, and more. LEDs are also highly energy efficient so you can save some money on electricity. 

4) Laser projectors

Make your house the coolest on the block with colorful laser projections - surprise your family, friends, visitors, and even the mailman! Although these types of lights are typically broken out during the holidays, they can be used year round. Laser lights are easy to use with a wireless remote controller that will allow you to adjust the brightness and add effects such as twinkle, fade, and pulse. People will be lining up just to see the amazing light show. 

5) Star Lights

Rainy night? No problem! Set up some sleeping bags, eat smores, and gather around the fireplace all while stargazing right under your roof. These bulbs shine thousands of colorful lasers to give your room the ultimate outdoor sky look. Star lights also work great as nightlights to make walking around in the dark a little less scary. You could also bring the stars to your basement or bedroom, turning it from a boring study area to an entrancing lounge. 

Design an epic light show with BlissLights

No longer do you have to dream about turning a room, backyard, or party into a spectacular and entertaining experience. Once you decide where to put your lights, which types are the best for you, and what colors you want, all that’s left is to go ahead and make your dream a reality! And here at BlissLights, we can help you create the most beautiful, dazzling display of lights. 

Our lights are easy to use, great for saving energy, and wonderful for being used as unique decor. You can trust that our award-winning products will leave you highly satisfied (and awed) no matter how you decide to use them.

About BlissLights

BlissLights has been a leader in the laser lighting industry since the company was founded in 2006. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians helped create award-winning special effect lighting for major theme parks before minaturizing our patented technology for home use. BlissLights is dedicated to laser safety and education, and is registered with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).

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