20 Unique LED Strip Lights Ideas for Your Home

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Feb 18, 22
20 Unique LED Strip Lights Ideas for Your Home

Let’s say you want to transform your home but don’t quite have the room for large fixtures, or maybe you want an option that provides flexibility – quite literally – so they can be placed anywhere. In those cases, LED strip lights are exactly what you’re looking for. They’re the ideal trick for low-cost design that takes you wherever you want to go after just a few seconds of tool-free installation. Read on to discover 20 LED strip light ideas that can elevate your surroundings in just moments.

20 LED strip light ideas to elevate your home

If you’re wondering how lighting can set the right vibe without costing a fortune (or an electrician’s assistance), these LED strip light ideas are the answer. From modernizing your staircase to elevating your bathroom, the opportunities are endless. Here are 20 ways you can see your space in a whole new light without spending a fortune.

1. Brighten dark corners

Chances are there are plenty of dim places in your home that could use a little TLC. You might find these dark spaces under your kitchen cupboards, in your hallway, or even in your closet space. An easily applicable LED strip can easily brighten these spots.

LED strips are available in pretty much whatever color you need to set the right mood. Some strips are multi-color or come with color-changing controls to really put that power in your hands. You can also cut your strips to smaller sizes to perfectly fit your darkest corners and make your space look truly custom-made.

2. Create a cinema room or area

LED light strips can help you transform a dark basement into the ultimate movie room. These strips can bring any movie to life and brighten up your whole space – they bring the movie theater experience home.

With the right LED strip lights, you can adjust them to fit the mood, from a sweet dim glow for romance films to a deep, dark red for horror flicks. Add them to the back of your TV or under your furniture for an affordable, one-of-a-kind movie experience.

blissglow multicolor led strip lights in living room

3. Under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen

If you’re someone who often gets up in the middle of the night, LED strips can double as nightlights that guide the way. Your kitchen is a great example of a place that could benefit from this fixture. Under-cabinet placement means you’ll never again stub your toe as you tiptoe to the fridge for a late-night snack. Instead, you’ll have a soft-lit kitchen perfect for those late-night munchies or your romantic stay-at-home date nights.

The BlissGlow Multicolor LED Strip Light works especially well under cabinets. It’s completely customizable in size and adheres directly to your island, dining table, or cabinet space pretty much instantly. It can shine in up to 12 colors and includes four music-sensing modes. Plus, with the BlissHome app, you can design your own presets and can change the scenery in just one click. It’s that easy to set your kitchen into a full-blown rainbow for baking time with the kiddos.

kitchen with purple led strip lighting under cabinets

BlissGlow color-changing RGB LED strip lights

BlissGlow Multicolor LED Strip Light


Refresh your space with a modern glow.

4. Build a night sky

If you love all things outer space, you’re used to the frustration of not seeing the stars on cloudy nights or light-polluted cities. With LED strip lights, you can build your own night sky right from home. Place your color-changing LEDs in the corners of your room, or arrange them in rows across your ceiling for the ultimate glow. Choose from a deep purple to a calming blue to give that night-sky feel. Add a galaxy projector like the Sky Lite 2.0 to get the full effect.

child smiling under sky lite 2.0 galaxy lights

sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite 2.0: Galaxy Projector (App Control)

$69.99 $59.99

Shine a galaxy of moving stars and a vibrant multicolor cloud.

5. Illuminate your bathroom

LED bulbs and strips can transform your bathroom into a five-star spa. Use them as accent lighting to bring calm to your at-home spa day. Stick your strips under your bathroom vanity, behind the mirror, or below your bath panels for some soothing low light. Change the colors from a white hue perfect for selfies into a captivating light blue so you can sit back, relax and unwind. With a glass of wine, tons of bubbles, and a relaxing mood light, you’ll reach new levels of comfort.

6. Level up your vanity lighting

Do you ever wonder how Instagram models always have top-tier lighting in their photos? Here’s a little hint: LED light vanities. With LED remote controls, you can adjust the color, brightness, and effects in a minute. That means a soft, luminous glow for your next mirror selfie or perfect lighting for your morning makeup or skincare routine. LED strip lights can transform your ordinary bathroom into a gorgeous powder room to share with the world.

7. Make your bedroom more inviting

It’s natural if you want to reimagine your bedroom’s landscape from the bottom up. It’s also understandable if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg while doing so. LED strip lighting does both. It transforms your sanctuary while keeping you on budget.

You can create the ultimate zen space with calming pink, green, or blue light beneath your bed. You can also highlight your newest DIY project with a white LED strip that you wrap around it. To really go the extra mile, outline your closet space with LED lighting. You’ll more clearly see what clothes you want to wear and make your storage space part of your room’s aesthetic.

8. Create the ultimate gaming zone

If you’re a gamer, you know the importance of mood lighting when it comes to late-night gaming. While you don’t want harsh bright whites as you play, you also don’t want to be squinting in the dark. What you want are colorful hues that match the vibe of your game and further immerse you in the whole experience. With LED strip lights that you can adjust in color and brightness throughout the night, you get all that and more.

With the Gaming Light Bundle, you’ll take your gaming setup to a whole new level. Bring your battle to life with colorful LED strips around the corners of your gaming set, under your furniture, or on your ceiling. Your LED strips will include segmented color control and sound-reactive features that enhance your entire gaming experience. You’ll also get the Sky Lite 2.0 so you can feel like you're floating under the night sky as you complete all your biggest missions.

pc gaming setup with led strip lights and galaxy projector
gaming lights bundle including sky light 2.0 galaxy projector and BlissGlow LED strip lights

Gaming Lights Bundle


Take your setup to the next level.

9. Brighten your garage

Whether you use your garage for just your cars or something more (maybe a home gym), you’ll need more than the typical dim garage bulb. With a customizable LED strip, you can turn your dull garage into a space you’ll truly enjoy. You can use your LED strips as accents around architectural features, behind floor-to-ceiling mirrors, or next to your brand-new car. It’s the easiest way to make your garage pop and come to life.

10. Accent your stairs

Few things change your perspective on your home better than a well-lit staircase. You can create a practical yet modern look on your staircase with RGB LED strip lights under your stair panels or alongside the wall.

For a classic look, a bright white LED strip will do the trick. For more variety, a multicolor LED lighting strip gets the job done. If you want your stairs to resemble an angelic pathway into your heavenly home, blue and pink strips can assist with that ascent. To illuminate dark staircases, yellow strip lighting is always reliable. No matter what, you’ll have complete power to accent your stairs and reimagine your home however you see fit.

11. Brighten up your child's bedroom

Decorating your kid’s bedroom might seem like a big undertaking, but in reality, you don’t even need paint. Take a plain white wall, add some LED strips along the edges, then add some more strips around the closets and under the bed. Believe it or not, that’s all it takes! You’ll have tons of color options, and you can change the scene to fit the mood with just the push of a button. It’s the simplest way to help your kids feel calm, energized, or anywhere between at any time.

12. Spruce up your home office

Home offices aren’t always fun, but you can make them more enjoyable. Add some artwork, a comfortable chair, and LED strips to elevate your workspace. Add your strips under any cabinet or beneath your desk for a mood-setting glow. Install a strip just above your desk or around its edges for energy-efficient task lighting. This way, you enhance the illumination your overhead light fixtures provide.

Another great thing about home-office LED strips: You won’t need to worry about a desk lamp taking up extra desktop space. And of course, your work surface isn’t the only place where your LED strips can go. Try adding them to your work calendar or behind a bookshelf for a fun lighting twist.

13. See the way inside your dresser drawers

There are few things worse than getting out of bed in the morning and immediately turning on a bright white light – talk about a headache. Save yourself the extra pain as you get ready by opting for LED strips instead.

You can easily find your clothes with a strip cut to size to fit in your drawers. This way, you won’t have to blind yourself right as you wake up or struggle in the dark as you look for your morning essentials.

14. Help your artwork pop

If you love art, then you’ll love how LED strip lights can elevate your decor. You just need a few items to transform your home into a miniature art gallery. First, mount your favorite art pieces to the wall. Then, add a bright white LED strip to the frame to bring all your favorite designs to life.

To make your art pieces even more striking, change the color of your LED strips to a striking yellow, green, or blue. With remote controls, you’ll have complete control over the brightness, colors, and effects of what surrounds your art. Plus, LED lights don’t emit enough heat or light rays to damage your art – that’s a fair concern with other fixtures.

15. Showcase a bookshelf

If you’re looking to add a subtle bit of flare into your home, try adding an LED strip to your bookshelves. Whether your shelves showcase your enormous collection of books or display a bunch of knickknacks and keepsakes on display among the volumes, you’ll get a luminous glow with minimal effort.

16. Floodlight a wine cellar

Ready to turn your dusty basement wine cellar into a glamorous speakeasy? That’s great, but it comes with a big challenge: Harsh lighting can alter the taste of your wines. Instead, to see around the bottles without potentially altering any of their contents, try LED light strips. They’re nowhere close to harsh enough to degrade wine, and they highlight your collection in astonishing ways. They transform your hidden wine selection into an immediate wow factor.

17. Display collectibles properly

Let’s say all your collectibles are sitting in a box in your garage or the back of your coat closet. In that case, they’re more like spare items than exciting collectibles. You can restore their glory with LED strip lights. Set a space to highlight with your strips, then place your collectibles there to give them the recognition they deserve. One idea to start: Place your collectibles on a shelf. Place strips below the shelf. Point track lights down from the ceiling at your shelves to further elevate everything you want to show off.

18. Place them on the ceiling

LED strips might seem primarily like accent lighting, but they work wonders as ambient lighting too. They’re especially great for avoiding the harshness of typical ceiling bulbs or setting a statement piece up above. You can add your strips around the corners of your ceiling to provide a peaceful glow to light up the night. Alternatively, you can put up a few 3D ceiling panels and highlight them with your strips. You’ll turn your ceiling into a sight all its own.

19. Light up an aquarium

Aquariums can make for great conversation points when your friends visit. They’re also super entertaining for kids, who can stare at fish flopping around for a good while longer than adults. In either case, you should illuminate an aquarium the right way – namely, with LED strip lights. These lights at once produce wondrous effects and emit energy and heat at levels too low to harm the fish. Whether your fish are going into your child's room or in the middle of your living room, LED strips can uplift their surroundings.

20. Illuminate your backyard

If you live alone in a big house with a big yard late at night, you might want to see what’s out there. That’s especially true if you live in poorly lit or sparse areas. No matter where you live, you can reimagine your dark backyard as a romantic outdoor escape with LED strips.

Try wrapping a waterproof LED strip around some trees to create a pathway and a gentle glow. This way, you can see what’s going on behind your home, and you can even sit outside on warm summer evenings. Whether a sun-like yellow glow or an intense, unforgettable red, you can easily create the perfect backyard scenery with your strip lights.

Light things up the easy way with BlissLights

LED strip light ideas range from the obvious to the creative, but they all share one thing in common: Affordable, easy installation and use. The BlissGlow, for example, transforms any ordinary space into a colorful, immersive abyss. To set up your BlissGlow, peel off the backing, then place your LED strips where you want them to go. You can remotely control your strip light’s colors, brightness, and effects to instantly reinvent your space. What an easy way to see your space in a whole new light.

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