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Instead of a standard electrical filament, laser light bulbs use lasers to brighten and elevate your space. Install these bulbs just like you would any regular bulb, and watch as your space is instantly blanketed in unique colors and patterns. Whether you use them in your home, at a wedding, or in the entryway to your place of business, these bulbs are sure to please at a good price: they are energy efficient and keep your electric bill low. Just twist them into most lamps and similar types of fixtures, and watch as your space glows anew.

What are laser light bulbs?

Laser light bulbs are shaped like any regular bulb you’d place in a lamp or other type of fixture, but they have lasers that beam specific colors. Instead of a wash of yellow or white that you’d get from a standard bulb, these bulbs are an unforgettable -- and colorful -- addition to your space. 

How do laser light bulbs work?

These bulbs produce coherent light, unlike standard bulbs, which produce incoherent light, which is the entire spectrum of light pointed in all directions simultaneously. With the former, a single laser beam produces one striking color that travels down a narrow path, so no focus and brightness are lost. In our laser bulbs, we diffract these lasers into thousands of paths without destroying their focus and brightness, and that’s how we get the brilliant, bedazzling patterns you’ll enjoy with our laser bulbs.

Our laser light bulbs rival the capabilities of a standard bulb while selling for roughly the same price. Laser beams, however, are far more energy-efficient. That’s because standard bulbs expel much of the energy they create as heat, whereas the path a laser travels is so narrow that all the energy remains devoted to sprucing up your space. Laser bulbs aren’t just savvy lighting – they’re savvy spending.

What are laser light bulbs used for?

Laser light bulbs are primarily used for decorative purposes instead of practical purposes like reading. This functionality makes these bulbs great so many uses, including but far from limited to:

  • Bringing fun vibes to dancefloors at weddings and other events
  • Creating ambience in restaurants, at bars, and other indoor environments
  • Shrouding kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas in color
  • Setting up festive displays for winter holidays, and other occasions
  • Inviting friends and family to a sports marathon with the addition of team colors
  • Making your bathroom’s jacuzzi even more relaxing and inviting
  • Soothing anxious or agitated patients in hospitals or other healthcare settings
  • Changing background for photoshoots, video shoots, and other creative pursuits like TikTok videos
  • Easing your way into spa and self-care night at home
  • Fostering a gentle environment for easy sleep
  • Adding color and brightness to stages for live performances

Different types of BlissLights laser light bulbs

The bulb types sold by BlissLights are available in three colors. Scientifically, that’s not just a difference in what the colors look like: that means each of our BlissBulbs emits waves of a different wavelength to produce that color. Lasers that emanate waves of approximately 500 to 565 nm in wavelength appear green, while blue lasers emit around 550 to 485 nm and red emanates 625 to 740 nm. 

  • Green. These bulbs are jade green, a delicate hue that strikes a bold balance between lime and emerald. Green is connected to relaxation, so give this bulb a try in your bedroom. You can make it exciting or relaxing – with our bulbs, you have options. 
  • Blue. Use sapphire blue to enchant you, your family, your roommates, and other guests during party time, movie night, and other fun events. Try blue for an ultra-cool background on your next video!
  • Red. Our stunning ruby red is soothing considering how loud and energetic red hues can be. Try this inspiring color for photoshoots, date night, or movie night at home.

In all BlissLights laser bulbs, we use only state-of-the-art holographic technologies that rival theme parks and venues. And since we use lasers instead of broad-spectrum light, our bulbs keep your electric bill low – all while projecting images over surfaces as large as 2,500 square feet.

What is the difference between a laser and a light bulb?

A laser is one narrow beam of monochrome light – scientifically, visible waves of one wavelength – that originates from an electrical source and emerges as a small dot projected onto a surface. A regular bulb emits all visible wavelengths in all directions, and that’s why most bulbs are white or yellow.

A laser bulb combines the two. It contains thousands of laser beams that each project a dot or star-like image of a certain color. That’s why laser bulbs are especially great for one-stop full-room decoration. Whether at your home, a room you’re renting for an event, or your place of business, you can use our laser bulbs to make your space inviting, inspiring, and just all-around unforgettable.

Are laser light bulbs safe?

Yes, absolutely! At BlissLights, we always put safety first. All our bulbs are safe to use around people and pets. We only use Class II and Class III in our products, and both these classes have power of at most 5 mW. While laser bulbs are safe, staring directly into them is never recommended.

About BlissLights

BlissLights has been a leader in the laser lighting industry since the company was founded in 2006. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians helped create award-winning special effect lighting for major theme parks before minaturizing our patented technology for home use. BlissLights is dedicated to laser safety and education, and is registered with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).

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