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Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Feb 12, 21
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The rain is pouring outside your window, you’re stressed from work, and the kids (or your roommate) are playing loud video games in the living room. All you want to do is curl up with a good book, some hot tea, and a fuzzy blanket, but creating a quiet space just for yourself is not an easy task. To give yourself an area for peace and self-care, you can create a cozy nook at home.

The right corner or room, comfortable chairs, warm blankets and pillows, and – perhaps most importantly – proper lighting will mentally transport you to a serene sanctuary made just for you. Below, we’ll walk you through how to create a cozy nook where you can step away from whatever’s getting on your nerves.

What is a cozy nook?

A cozy nook provides you with a completely different atmosphere than the many areas in your home that, while comfortable, don’t feel like your own private oasis. This calming, uplifting space allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether chic or bold, cozy nooks are the perfect place to read, study, write a poem, draw, or just spend time with your thoughts. To create your dream nook, try ideas such as soft chairs, a jungle of green houseplants and succulents, or any of the other suggestions below.

How to create a cozy nook

When it comes time to create your cozy nook, you’ll have full creative control. Your nook should be unique to you and only you – there’s no one way to create one, so it’s correct if you think it’s correct. To help get you started on making your ideal (and well-deserved) tranquil dreamland, check out these nook ideas:

1. Identify your spot

You don’t want to pick just any empty space in your home to transform into a cozy nook. Walk around your house and identify that room or place where you absolutely love spending time. If you’re stuck and don’t know where to go, find small spaces you might not have in mind at first. That could mean an area next to the fireplace in the living room, by an open window overlooking your garden or outside, or even a quiet place in your finished basement.

peaceful window

2. Pick your seating options

To ensure that your cozy nook is one where you could spend hours reading, writing, or dreaming, your seating should be comfortable and snug. If your nook is by the window, a window seat may be the best option for leaning back into some comfy pillows and journeying into your book. For nooks without a window seat, consider giant fluffy bean bags, benches with large cushions, recliner chairs, or a fuzzy butterfly chair.

cozy armchair

3. Choose your color scheme

When aiming for that relaxing vibe, the color scheme you choose can greatly impact your nook’s atmosphere. When picking your seating, blankets, pillows, and other accessories for your hideaway spot, consider using items that promote gentle and calming moods.

Typically, lighter colors such as blues, pinks, whites, and greys can reduce stress and help you focus on the task at hand. If you choose white and grey colors, you may want to add a pop of additional color through colored lighting or artwork. Doing so adds a decorative layer that makes your space more inviting.

paint swatches

4. Incorporate soft materials

To truly feel like you’re on cloud nine, fill your cozy nook with soft materials that you can sink right into. Soft materials go beyond cushions – you should incorporate objects that have soft external textures. Imagine cuddling up in your luxurious faux fur butterfly chair, wrapped in a sherpa blanket, leaning on silky throw pillows? What a dream! With these additions, you’ll elevate your reading nook and might never want to leave its warmth and coziness.

soft fuzzy blanket

5. Get a plant

Indoor plants aren’t just decorations – they’re actually beneficial for your health. Houseplants are correlated with improved concentration and productivity, reduced stress levels, and elevated mood. That’s why placing some greenery around your cozy nook will both add to its overall aesthetic and help you feel calm and joyful. When you use houseplants as decor, you can make your nook more homey and welcoming.


6. Add a bookshelf

When you're dealing with small spaces such as those used for reading nooks, clutter and disorganization are inevitable. To help minimize messiness, add a bookshelf in your nook. Your bookshelf can be free-standing or built-in – in either case, all your favorite books will be right within reach. When you’re done reading, you’ll have a place to put your books so they stay off of the floor and in pristine condition.

books on bookshelf

7. Get the right lighting

A cozy nook should be versatile, and the right lighting can make or break your nook’s ambiance and functionality. For a reading nook, you’ll want to use task lighting such as a reading lamp to avoid eye strain. If your nook is by the window, you can potentially rely on natural lighting until the day is done and the sun goes down. Don’t be afraid to add additional decorative lighting, such as laser lights, to make the space fun and personal.

A great example of serene cozy nook lighting is the BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector. This laser light can transform your nook into your own personal galaxy of colorful drifting nebula clouds and sparkling laser stars.

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

If you’d prefer an exciting northern lights atmosphere, the BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light will shine a soothing aurora around your room, along with floating clouds to guide you into a state of pure euphoria.

cozy northern lights ambience with ark aurora projector

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

8. Get creative

Just because you see reading nooks look one way on the internet doesn't mean you can’t add your own personal flair. If anything, the key to a perfect cozy nook is you.

Ultimately, your nook should reflect your personality and draw you into a fantasy world so you can easily take a break from everyday stresses. Think about the things that make you happy and bring a smile to your face, then add those. Whether you’re adding scented candles, plants, photos of your pets, or colorful artwork, you can’t go wrong if your decorations make you feel at ease.

While you don’t want your nook to feel claustrophobic, it should have enough in it to keep you coming back and even dreaming about resting there all day. For example, instead of using a simple chair, set up a lounge chair so you can nap in your nook. Alternatively, lean on the beauty of natural lighting during the day, then light up your nook at night with the BlissLights Blissbulb for colorful twinkling indoor laser stars. Your options are endless!

living room with laser lights

blissbulb laser lightbulb in green

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

Snuggle up with BlissLights

After a full day of work or an especially stressful period, you deserve some time to yourself to rejuvenate. With a cozy nook, you’ll have a spot designated for you and you alone where you can take a deep breath and enjoy meaningful activities. To enhance your cozy nook experience, use BlissLights to provide calming light shows. Glittering stars and peaceful clouds will entrance you as you open your favorite book or take a quick nap. Browse the BlissLights collection to find lighting that makes your nook not just cozy, but complete.

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