Customer Photo Showcase | February 2019

Are you ready for this month's featured photos? We certainly are excited to share! Once again, you've blown us away with fantastic selfies, interior shots, and furry friends. Here are just a few of our favorites from the last month.

@erindangcil says home is her happy place, and we can see why! If we lived here, we'd probably never leave. Sky Lite plus those warm colors—just heavenly!

Here's another room that would be hard to leave. We love the contrast of red lighting and blue BlissLights used here by @shots_by_ethan_!

What can we say about @lachlan.w19? You know he had to do it to 'em.

Digging this long exposure Sky Lite shot by @xammcpeak

Meet @kev_instyle's dog Handsome, a very accurately-named good boy. Great composition and lighting, Kevin!

Here are two more sweeties, Thomas and Alligator—siblings of @bmo_the_boxer. Here, they're watching TV with Sky Lite and StarPort in the background.

Buckley is a golden creme retriever who goes by @dwaynethebuckjohnson. Here he's being a spiffy galaxy doggo.

@tangerinedreams says Poppy loves watching the's just so many laser dots to take in!

Last but not least, here is @sharpielove92's very regal Boris, who also enjoys watching the laser lights.

Once again, thanks for sharing with us. Keep tagging us @blisslightsofficial and using #myblisslights so we can continue to feature your amazing pictures. We love to see how you use your lights!