Christmas Laser Lights & Holiday Projectors

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Sep 18, 20
Christmas Laser Lights & Holiday Projectors

Goodbye ladders and tangled strings, hello Christmas laser lights! Use BlissLights’ Christmas laser lights outdoors to cover your home’s exterior in red and green light displays projected from your lawn. We also have plenty of indoor Christmas light decorations to spruce up your Christmas tree and welcome Santa, a snowman, and some penguins into your home.

How can I use Christmas laser lights?

Christmas laser lights are great for bringing the holiday spirit to both the interior and exterior of your home! Use our TRIO Red/Green Laser Light to adorn your home and lawn in stars that passersby can see from hundreds of feet away.

To set up your BlissLights TRIO, simply drive your laser light projector’s stake into the ground, secure the projector to the stake, and enjoy all your favorite outdoor Christmas light effects without scaling your roof. The BlissLights TRIO also stands up to rain, sleet, snow, and extreme cold, so when you hear “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” you won’t have to worry that your lights will stop working.

red and green outdoor laser lighting

trio red blue and green multicolor laser projector

BlissLights TRIO


Light up your garden with vibrant multicolor stars!

If you want to walk in a winter wonderland inside your home instead, use our Laser Christmas Tree Topper and HolidayPort USB Christmas Light. For a portable laser light that works at Christmastime and year-round, check out the StarPort, which connects to any USB port anywhere. With these lights, your Christmas tree will be just as much the center of attention as will the tiny specs of green and red lasers scattered above and around the tree.

dancing santa, christmas light, laser light for christmas, christmas decoration
starport usb star projector in red

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

Fun and frosty winter scenery makes the list of BlissLights Christmas lights, too. Grab our HolidayPort USB powered laser light to project a dancing Santa or a jovial snowman onto your walls and ceiling. With BlissLights, you can decorate for the holidays however you see fit!

blisslights holiday port usb christmas projector with snowman

BlissLights HolidayPort USB


Deck the halls with fanciful holiday projections.

What are the different types of Christmas laser lights?

We sell the following types of Christmas laser lights:

  • Laser Projectors. Our popular outdoor laser projector collection includes a red and green light that’s perfect for Christmas. The TRIO has two main light sources that each emit thousands of lasers so you can put on a striking, colorful Christmas light show that covers up to 2,500 square feet!
  • Remote-controlled. You don’t have to labor over Christmas laser light projector setup. Once you place your remote-controlled Christmas lights where you want them, changing your light show is just a matter of pressing a few buttons on your remote control. We make Christmas even more relaxing than it already is.
  • USB-powered. Our HolidayPort is USB-powered, and our Christmas Tree Topper can be too, so you can bring a spark to the holidays without plugging into the wall. If your living room has a TV or gaming console with USB ports, you won’t even have to bring in your laptop from another room – you already have all the power you need.
  • Holographic. We use state-of-the-art holographic technology in our HolidayPort to render vivid, adorable pictures of Santa, snowmen, and penguins that bring a snowy vibe to your indoor Christmas celebration without any actual frost.
  • Tree toppers. Instead of string lights that stay one color, add a handful of tree toppers to your Christmas tree to put on a flickering holiday star shower as you give gifts, enjoy eggnog, and celebrate in a colorful calm.
green tree topper, star light on top of christmas tree, christmas light
blisslights laser christmas glowing multicolor tree topper with star projection

BlissLights Laser Tree Topper


Shine laser stars and a colorful glow from your tree.

How do Christmas laser lights work?

Christmas laser lights work by emitting coherent light. You’ll probably understand it best if we talk about traditional LED lights first: You know how, with an LED bulb, you’ll sometimes get a foggy light you can’t see well from afar? That’s because LED lights emit incoherent light, which spreads all manner of light waves across a wide path at many angles. Laser lights do something entirely different.

The coherent light in our Christmas laser lights sends light waves down a narrow path for increased brightness and focus. We also take that light and diffract it thousands of times so that you get not a big wash of colorful light, but a twinkling display of thousands of stars. With this enhanced focus and large number of individual light points, our Christmas laser lights are as vivid and spectacular as the holiest of celebrations.

Some tips to follow when using Christmas laser lights

Although using our Christmas laser lights is pretty self-explanatory, it never hurts to remember the following tips:

  • Select two settings: motion or still. No matter your holiday vibe, BlissLights can deliver. Select motion for enthralling lights in action or still for a calm and serene feeling.
  • Know a bit about laser power ratings. When you’re shopping for Christmas laser lights, check to see whether you’re buying lights with safe power ratings. No, we don’t mean the wattage on the package, though that’s important too – we mean the light class. If you’re buying lights of Class II or III power, you don’t risk any permanent eye damage, and at BlissLights, we only sell Class II and Class III lights.
  • Err on the side of caution anyway. If you’re adding one of our laser toppers to your tree, place them high enough that pets or kids won’t look directly into them accidentally or on purpose. When you’re setting up your HolidayPort or TRIO, put them in inconspicuous or high places to avoid the same problem. Even though our lights won’t cause permanent damage, nobody should stare into them anyway – there’s a light show to watch!

indoor laser christmas lights

What are the best Christmas laser lights?

There are Christmas lights for everyone’s holiday needs. If you’re more excited about lighting up your outside areas for neighbors and passersby, the best Christmas lights are outdoor laser projectors. If you’d rather keep your light show to your most beloved family members, tree toppers and lights get the job done. You can even find Christmas laser lights that project holiday imagery onto your walls!

No matter which type of Christmas laser light you choose, though, make sure you select a quality build covered by a warranty. At BlissLights, we sell Christmas lights that serve all these needs and more Whether you choose our TRIO outdoor projector, our tree topper, or our USB-port image projector, you’ll get Christmas laser lights built from the best plastics and metals around. With this high quality comes outdoor light weather-proofing, indoor lights that shine brightly whether you’re opening gifts in the morning or feasting at night, and an extensive one-year warranty that covers it all.

festive living room with laser christmas lights

How do I set up my BlissLights Christmas lights?

With our lights, you just place them where you want them, then plug them in, and then voila – let there be light. You’ll want to firmly secure your stake into the ground if you’re using the TRIO outdoor light and your light stem into your tree if you’re using the Laser Christmas Tree Topper, but for the most part, Christmas light setup is intuitive. At BlissLights, we make holiday lighting easy and fun.

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