Why BlissLights? What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

Thanksgiving is past, the boxes are down from the attic, and excitement is in the air. It's officially the holiday season—time to put up the lights again! After an hour or two, each string has been patiently untangled and artfully hung. As night falls, the timer activates the lights just as planned. Everything looks beautiful...until one of the strands goes out. Great. Have you ever experienced this frustrating scenario?

Good news! This year, decorating doesn't have to be an ordeal. Find out how BlissLights can help you dress up your home for the holidays...and maintain your Christmas spirit.

Easy Set-up

BlissLights are a quick, stress-free alternative to putting up traditional lights. Now you can cover your home in thousands of pinpoints of laser light, instantly! No more ladders or tangled strands. BlissLights easy plug and play functionality makes set-up a breeze. 

Cost Effective

BlissLights are designed to be energy efficient and long-lasting. That means you can create spectacular displays year after year, all while keeping energy costs down.

Safe for People and Pets

BlissLights creates safe products and is registered with the CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health). Each of our products is made out of high quality materials and undergoes a rigorous testing process before it is released. BlissLights is the safest and highest quality laser light option on today's market.

Stunning Results

BlissLights use patented technology that is trusted by major theme parks around the world. This technology has been redesigned to be energy efficient, weather-resistant, and affordable to homeowners. One BlissLight can cover up to 2500 square feet with a sharp, natural-looking star pattern that doesn't appear grid-like or blurry.

Year-Round Functionality

Make the most of your indoor and outdoor spaces this holiday season. The right light can transform your displays and set the mood for unforgettable memories with family and friends. BlissLights go beyond Christmas. Use them all year to make every day feel like a holiday!

Need Inspiration?

Check out how BlissLights can transform your home, from Instant Holiday Light to everyday fun!

Tips and Tricks

  • Shine onto your Christmas tree or over your chimney to create a magical holiday effect.
  • Spice up any existing display with any of the BlissLights products to create double the wow.
  • Amaze your guests during Christmas and New Years parties by bringing BlissLights indoors!
  • Create a starry nightlight effect in a child's bedroom.
  • Highlight landscapes, arbors, walkways, and other outdoor features.
  • Illuminate pools, ponds, fountains, snow, and other water fixtures.
  • Change the mood of any room with the magic of laser fireflies.
  • Make any event, birthday, or party a uniquely memorable experience!
  • Become an instant light designer! Choose any BlissLights product to make light your playground.