Spring Firefly Decor | BlissLights

The weather is thawing and flowers are in bloom—spring has sprung! We're excited for the return of colorful foliage and longer days that the season brings. What better time to add vibrant fireflies and a splash of color to your garden?

Green fireflies

Green fireflies can be a great way to add instant sparkle to your landscape. Because this laser color is so close to the center of the visible light spectrum, it appears brightest to the human eye. Green laser lights show up beautifully on leaves, which naturally reflect green light.

Blue fireflies

The blue laser color creates a more subtle firefly effect which looks especially beautiful paired with water installations. Blue instantly adds an elegant and calming touch to any landscape.

Red Fireflies

Looking to add instant warmth and energy to your space? Red fireflies create a uniquely cozy glow, especially paired with firelight.

Mix and Match

But who says you have to use only one color? Mix and match to create uniquely festive results for any occasion.

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