Laser Lights For a High Tech Valentine's Experience

#HowToBliss: A high tech laser lights Valentine's experience!

2017 is all about high-tech gadgets. Laser lights have been primarily popular during the holiday season since they are easy to use and energy efficient alternatives to light up homes. But why limit your use to just Christmas? Let the magic of BlissLights shine all year long. Get inspiration this Valentine's with these customer-inspired designs.

1. Bliss Out Your house with Laser Lights

Use the COLOR Red to shine any of the 16 different LED colors at your house, or keep it simple by using the included remote to turn off the LED effect and only shine the red laser for a static firefly projection. Instantly, the space will be covered with tens of thousands of luminous pinpoints of light. Spice it up with some warm string lights, a few decorations from your local store, and you are done!

Photo Credit : Kathie Mannion Staley from Facebook

2. Celebrate YOU

Going solo this Valentine's? Take this time to celebrate YOU in all your glory. Pamper yourself by relaxing in a nice bath surrounded by your favorite BlissLights. Or if you're lucky and are in a warmer area, enjoy a nice glass of wine with the beauty of green fireflies around your yard. Laser lights can make any backyard come to life and remind you that you don't need a significant other to treat yourself to a magical night. We recommend a COLOR or MOTION in Green!

Photo Credit: @audreybellis from Instagram[/caption]

3. Blissout Your Romantic Night

It only takes simple colors to transform any space. And if you have all 3 BlissLights laser lights: red, blue, and green (or 4 if you have a COLOR purple), you can create a confetti type look that instantly adds extra allure to any location! You'll memorize him or her and set the scene for an unforgettable night. Try using it with any BlissLights product combination.

Photo Credit: @r_v_e from Instagram

There's multiple ways to use your BlissLights. How will you use yours? Share your story with us. #365daysofBlissLights