How to: DIY Multi Sensory Room | BlissLights

Multi sensory rooms are amazing environments, ideal for relaxation or imaginative play. They can calm or stimulate the senses, and are often used as a therapy method for people of all ages who have special needs, suffer from dementia, or are recovering from brain surgery.

But they can be expensive to set up, especially when it comes to lighting. How can you recreate that look without breaking the bank? It's actually pretty easy with BlissLights. Here's how we did it:

1. Choose your space

Pick a space with controlled lighting. This can be a bedroom, playroom, closet, or even a pop-up tent. As long as it's a safe environment where you can block out sunlight, it can work. Line the area with pillows and soft blankets and add toys as desired.

2. Place your lights

For this example, we're using the BlissLights Calming Cosmos Multi-Sensory Light Bundle, which comes with two laser projectors (MOTION Blue and COLOR Green) and a light-up wireless speaker (SoundOrb). However, you can use any combination of lights to fit your needs. 

After you unbox your lights and plug them in, it generally works best to place them in the corners of the room for maximum coverage. If the space allows, you can also use a clip accessory to mount lights to a curtain rod, ledge, or bookshelf. Use your phone to play soothing music or white noise through the SoundOrb as a finishing touch.

3. Enjoy

That's it! Use your included remote to adjust the light effects to suit the mood, then sit back and enjoy the magic.