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Valentine's Day is almost here! You've got a date—now it's time to sweep your valentine off their feet. Are you prepared? ...No?

Well, then—don't panic! Luckily for you, we have just the thing. Allow us to present...

Fabulous Valentine's Date Night Under $100!

How to Have a Blissful Valentine's Day Experience Without Breaking the Bank

1. Dinner Dilemma

Valentine's Day is the hardest day to reserve a seat at a sit-down restaurant. Plus, the prices jump way up, making it easy to blow most of last week's paycheck on a single meal. Instead, consider preparing a home-cooked dinner for your date! Can't cook? Not a problem. Even Chinese take-out looks impressive if you serve it on nice plates, like these disposable fancy-ware dishes we found on Amazon. Your date will be impressed, and you don't have to wash anything afterwards. Win-win!

2. Creating a Romantic Atmosphere

Make sure your space looks amazing when your date arrives. Normally, this entails cleaning, candles, and a flower arrangement or two for good measure. However, if you're short on time or cash, just grab a BlissBulb or our limited-time Valentine's Day bundle! Switch it out with any regular bulb for instant sparkling atmosphere. It's perfect for lighting a romantic dinner "under the stars" and even better—your significant other will be so amazed that they probably won't notice you forgot to vacuum the living room.

red blissbulb centerpiece3. Roses Are Red (But Then They Are Dead) 

Forget chocolate and flowers! Stand out from the crowd by giving a unique gift that lasts...like a BlissBulb centerpiece! (No, really. Hear us out.) It's a gift that sparkles, but it's more unique than jewelry. Just pick up a nice base like this crystal one or this metal one, and twist in the bulb. Viola! You have an awesome gift that can be used throughout the year. It's roughly half the price of a dozen roses, and it definitely lasts longer.

4. Writing from the Heart

Write a short note. This doesn't just have to be for your date, either. Send a little card to your mom, grandma, or sister to make their day! We put together an easy-to-print template for you, right here:

Printable Valentines

Whether you've been a couple for years or this is your first Valentine's Day together, we hope that these easy tips help make your special night the best it can be. From all of us at BlissLights, happy Valentine's Day!