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May 4th (May The Fourth Be With You) is Star Wars Day! In honor of the occasion, we're showcasing a few of our favorite ways to celebrate the iconic franchise with laser lights, whether you're gearing up for a cantina party or just bringing your office a little closer to a galaxy far, far away.

Safer than a Saber

We love the balanced grace of a lightsaber, but we're not gonna lie...we'd end up with a case of accidental dismemberment in five seconds flat. So, we have a portable laser wand instead! Not quite the same thing, but still super cool (especially at parties).

BlissLights portable handheld laser wand

The Laser Light Side

Instantly create a Star Wars atmosphere with mood lighting! For the Jedi among you, we carry lights in blue, green, and purple. Or, declare your allegiance to the dark side with dramatic red.

star wars poster with motion red

Artistry from a Galaxy Very, Very Near

More the creative type? Why not commemorate the franchise with some fan art? It doesn't just have to be traditional art, either. You can write, cosplay, or create miniature scenes like this awesome Star Wars lego set-up by @kevinmboots77. Shout out to Kevin for using one of our lights to make the special effects!

via @kevinmboots77 on Instagram

Lego stormtrooper scene with green blissbulb

TGI Force Friday

Looking for the ultimate Star Wars party vibe? Jump everyone to hyperspace! All you need is a laser projector (like this one) and a fog machine. Viola, instant light speed coolness. *Lightsaber not included ;)

via @jonnyups on Instagram


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May the Force be with you always!