Are Laser Christmas Lights Illegal?

The last five years have seen a surge of laser Christmas lights on the market. While they seem to be growing in popularity, many cautious decorators have voiced concerns about laser safety—and legality. Fortunately, the answer is simple.

Laser Christmas lights are NOT illegal.

The Confusion

The confusion on this topic generally stems from a partial knowledge of "illegal laser pointers." These are non FDA-compliant laser pointers that have a projection power over 5 mW (miliWatts). While it is completely legal in the U.S. to own a laser over 5 mW, there are restrictions on selling high mW lasers since they could potentially cause blindness.

Laser Safety

The vast majority of laser Christmas lights are built using less than 5 mW lasers. Then that <5 mW laser beam is split into thousands of smaller, lower-power beams to create the individual laser pinpoints. The resulting beams are less than 1 mW each, a completely safe level to use around children and pets.

Laser Classification

It pays to be careful, though. Lasers do vary by manufacturer, so make sure to check for the laser strength when you are purchasing a light. Compliant lights will have a label (usually yellow and black) that will list the laser strength and classification.

In Conclusion

Armed with that knowledge, go forth and find yourself some excellent laser lights! You can rest easy knowing that your laser Christmas display is 100% legal.

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