A Closer Look at New Tree Topper

There's a new addition to the BlissLights family: the Laser Christmas Tree Topper! Ready for a closer look?

The Tree Topper combines two effects in one light—a color-changing internal glow that lights up the top of your tree, and the signature BlissLights laser effect projecting outwards onto the ceiling and walls. It's available in silver or gold trim, plus your choice of either red or green laser stars.

How does it attach to the tree? Easy! A simple stake and velcro strap design mounts in seconds and provides a sturdy, customized fit for any tree—natural or artificial. No more struggling with cones and springs that tip to one side or don't fit your tree correctly. Here's a short video that demonstrates how to mount the topper:

It's energy-efficient design is USB-powered but also comes with a wall plug adapter that makes it compatible with any US socket. Adding a sparkling touch to your holiday decor has never been easier!

Want to grab a Tree Topper for yourself? You can order one right here: https://blisslights.com/tree-topper

Pre-orders receive a 20% discount! Tree Topper is expected to ship out by the end of September 2019.