4th of July Decorations Made Easy | BlissLights

The 4th of July is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends. After celebrating with a pool party, BBQ, or fun at the beach, we all look forward to a spectacular fireworks display at the end of the day. Did you know you can extend the fun all night long with an indoor/outdoor fireworks effect? No actual fireworks involved! See how below.

Outdoor Fireworks Decor

Instantly create an impressive "fireworks" effect with the BlissLights Trio laser light, which comes with three laser colors built in (red, green, and blue). Turn off the green laser for a patriotic red and blue display! Multiple light effects make it easy to mimic the sparkle of exploding fireworks.

A second option is the single-color Motion laser light, which creates a complex moving sparkle effect sure to dazzle. Combine red and blue laser colors for the ultimate patriotic display!

4th of July Outdoor Decor BlissLights

Indoor Fireworks

While both the previously mentioned lights can also be used inside, their effects can be overpowering for a single room. For indoor sparkle, we recommend a few BlissBulb laser lightbulbs in red and blue. They twist into any regular lightbulb socket, so they're out of the way and easily blend with existing decor.

4th of July Indoors BlissLights

How do you decorate for Independence Day? We'd love to see! Show us your creations on Facebook and Instagram by tagging #blisslights or @blisslightsofficial.

From all of us at BlissLights, happy 4th of July!