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The BlissBulb projects a luminous starfield onto any space within seconds! Its sleek, understated housing makes decorating with thousands of pinpoints of light easier than ever. It eliminates messy extension cords by twisting directly into standard bulb sockets (Edison). As with all BlissLights products, the BlissBulb uses the highest quality lasers and the latest technology to bring a unique light experience that is energy efficient and weather resistant—making it ideal for year-round use. Bring the magic to any room, special event, holiday, or display! It is also a GREAT option for a children's night light or to feel like bringing the "stars" to any room. With its countless applications, creating atmosphere for any occasion has never been easier.

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Bliss lighting
Written by LEON FARR on Feb 15th 2019

Hi I just received the projector and bulbs. Works quite well on my ceilings nice job.

Written by Lynn Byrum on Oct 16th 2018

Very pleased with the motion lights. Already own several. The lazer spots were not quite what I had expected. A little disappointed. The lazer bulbs were cool. But would have liked a little larger range. Order twice what aea you expect to cover. The the mini's. Absolutely love them. We order 6. All will be in use. Please make them in other colors, such as blue and purple.

Blue Bliss Bulb!
Written by Jenny Polshek on Oct 11th 2018

Magical and fun. Different effects depending on where you have it. I can not say how long they last since mine is still new. I am back for more. Looking forward to giving them as gifts.

Cool lights!
Written by David on Nov 10th 2017

I bought one bulb initially, just to check it out. It's really as cool as it looks in the pics, so I just went ahead and bought two more. Really fun product. Just don't place it anywhere where the light can strike you (or your kids, pets, etc.) directly in the eye -- it's a kind of laser, so that's not good for that to happen.

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