Turn heads with a unique "instant holiday light" and get ready to bring the magic of tens of thousands of moving pinpoints of light home! With a click of button, transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with creative lighting designs.

Your "instant holiday light" with tens of thousands of moving pinpoints of light.

Motion Specs

BlissLights Holographic Technology

Tens of thousands of moving pinpoints of light created using patented holographic laser technology originally only seen at major theme parks to project up to 2500 sq ft. Perfect for an “Instant Holiday Light” or adding magic to any seasonal display!

Built-In Timer and Easy-To-Use Remote Control

A built in timer ensures easy set up by automatically turning on 6 hours and off 17 hours and the included remote allows users to increase or decrease the speed of their “firefly effect” to match the desired theme or user application.

Quality Housing and Accessories

Made out of ABS housing that won’t rust, the MOTION is light-weight and weather resistant and comes with a stake and stand for easy portability — use it indoors and outdoors to easily highlight arbors, pools, or transform any living space!





Imagine an instant, moving “firefly effect”!

The Motion is an indoor/outdoor lighting fixture made out of ABS housing that is light-weight for easy portability. It produces tens of thousands of green pinpoints of light that can be controlled in intensity by an included remote control. Enjoy a fast moving “firefly effect” for more festive moments or a soft, tranquil movement for a touch of bliss on your home surfaces. It is energy efficient, weather resistant, and comes with a built-in timer that turns on for 6 hours and off for 18 for easy displays and applications year round.


  • MOTION with built-in timer
  • Remote control with 2 AAA batteries
  • Ground Stake
  • Floor Stand
  • Transformer

Note: The MOTION in red comes with 2 laser apertures to maximize the red pinpoints effect and does not have an additional laser color.

Selecting a Color Option

Green – Great for first time buyers or for those looking for the brightest “firefly effect”, the green is the easiest color to start creating any light display. Since our eye perceives green light to be brighter, it looks great on any surface indoors and outdoors. Try them on landscapes, homes, and more to see the “fireflies” come to life.

Blue – Imagine thousands of dancing “stars” on your favorite surface. Blue light looks beautiful on water fixtures such as pools, ponds, and fountains or snow. Like the green, it also looks great indoors and outdoors on any surface, but is a little more subtle to our eyes.

Red – The red is the perfect touch of bliss. This light creates a soft, moving glow of thousands of pinpoints of light. Since it is a red light, it will naturally appear more subtle to our eyes making it great for indoor use. Pair it with complementary lighting such as candles or a fireplace for a warm look or with other BlissLights colors during the holidays for a more festive look.


– Dimensions: 5.6″ x 7.9″ x 5″
– Housing: ABS
– Laser Classification: Class 3R
– Laser Wavelength: 532 nm
– Laser Power Consumption: 2-9 W
– Operating Temperature: -15F to 90F
– Projection Coverage: Up to 50′ x 50′
– Timer: 6/18 timer
– Warranty: One-year warranty


MOTION's Firefly Effect

The MOTION’s “firefly effect” is created by using holographic laser technology to project tens of thousands of moving pinpoints of light onto any surface and projects up to 50′ x 50′ at a distance of 20 feet with just one light. The moving pinpoints of light can be adjusted in intensity with the easy-to-use remote control. Simply press the (+) or (-) buttons on your remote to increase or decrease the light animation speed. The light projection will blink ONCE after each speed setting change and TWICE after it has reached the fastest or slowest speed setting.



Create Multiple Light Designs and Bring Magic to Any Seasonal Display