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BL-15 Green Front BL-15 Green Side BL-15 Green

BL-15 Green

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The BL-15 is a compact professional-grade laser projector that creates a nebula of moving stars on any surface. Take your event to the next level! It only takes simple colors to create a universe of stars. The BL-15 Green is a smaller version of the BL-50, and creates thousands of green moving pinpoints of light over a soft, blue nebula cloud. Experience theme park lighting technology, redesigned to be affordable, easy-to-use, and available to all types of event planners looking for the ultimate instant lighting experience.


  • BL-15 Projector
  • BL-15 Transformer

BL 15 Specs

  1. Holographic Technology – patented holographic technology uses a 15mW laser module, which allows it to produce an effect that covers a large area.
  2. Plug-and-Play – The on/off switch and knob allows for easy installation and adjustment of nebula cloud.
  3. Powerful LED – A blue, soft moving LED creates a “nebula” backdrop for the thousands of pinpoints of light.


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